2204 Dolphin Blue


Dive into elegance with this enchanting dolphin blue gown adorned with an iridescent light green hue that creates a captivating play of colors. The small V-neck adds a touch of sophistication, delicately framing the neckline and providing a glimpse of the enchanting iridescence.  As your gaze descends, a cut-out slit emerges, adding a sultry touch and allowing for graceful movement with every step. The open lace-up back is a show-stopping detail, revealing an intricate pattern that adds a touch of romance and drama to the ensemble.  This prom dress is a harmonious blend of boldness and allure, where the dolphin blue meets the ethereal light green iridescence, forming a captivating and unique visual experience. Perfect for any special occasion where you want to make a memorable entrance, this gown promises to turn heads and leave an indelible mark with its striking color combination and intricate details.

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